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Default Re: The end of physical media.

Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
Why cannot a retailer operate a download centre you chooses your music your format and then the retailer burns a cd or records a tape cuts a record ...
How much would you be prepared to pay for it ? Would it cover the cost of the medium, including packaging, the cost (performer's rights) of the material, the retailer's wage for the time needed to do it and, depending on how many customers there might be, your share of the plant cost, the premises cost and overheads (taxes, advertising, administration etc).

The cost of LPs and tapes was an issue even when they were all there was, so people had no cheaper alternative (except the wireless) and they were produced in their millions, so economies of scale made them relatively cheap. I fear you'd have to have deep pockets to be able to afford a custom-made one now ...


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