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Default Re: Cassette torque measurement.

Originally Posted by kevinaston1 View Post
What about the cassettes I asked? Sorry he said; we do not have those. I asked the lads in service what they were, neither of them knew what they were, and so I just threw them out.
Similar happened to me when we got chucked out of Philips. I had some good test gear stored away and around six months later went back to join in celebrations when an ex colleague was retiring. A spotty youth was 'in charge' of the lab and it soon became apparent that he knew nothing about testing or the equipment used. I enquired about the testgear and all that remained was a Marconi LCR bridge and an audio generator. I was able to obtain both for nothing (via another ex colleague) since they too were destined for the skip as he 'didn't know what they were'. What had been chucked? A combined wow and flutter and distortion meter, an RF spectrum analyser (newly purchased when digital broadcasting started in 1998), several RF signal generators and UHF modulators and a teletext generator....oh and around half a dozen of 'those voltage thingies' (his description of a multimeter)! They were electronic analogue types as well.
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