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Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
I don't know if you have provided any kind of standoffs on the undertray but it might need cutaways to allow original edge connectors to fit onto the edge connectors - those connectors need a fair bit of height and depth both above and below the PCB.

If there are standoffs, then how about also including fixing holes in the undertray so that it can be screwed to a baseplate or chassis or the inside of a larger enclosure using screws with countersunk heads - one problem with both original MK14s and the issue VI is how to mount them onto any kind of backboard or chassis when the only screw holes provided on the PCB are those intended for the keypad.
Yep, got you covered on that. I do think a few extra supports around the edge might help, but I didn't want anything too close the the heatsink (PLA softens at 80 degrees....) and the main stress is on the keyboard area which is well supported.

I measured the size of my edge connector and left a generous margin. Its a a bit big now with dupont connectors but thats OK. The screw go through the keyboard holes and the back, and there are hexagonal recesses for the nuts at the back. By coincidence rather than careful planning with the keyboard surround 20mm bolts are exactly the right length! If only I had made the holes big enough for M3 nuts I wouldn't have had to use the M2.5 nylon bolt you see. So a Mk2 version is on the cards in future when I see if there are any other reasonable additions I can make.

I didn't make a top for the case, I kind of like seeing all the bits and bobs! The bottom just makes me less nervous about shorting things and putting it down on static-y surfaces. That said I might make a full case for my PIC14 so its more portable.

Edit: Some mounting holes on the bottom wouldn't be a problem.
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