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Default Re: Liberon boiled linseed oil

The difference between linseed oil, or tung oil, is that they do not include a drying agent. Of course old furniture that used an oil finish used linseed, leaving a piece for a week or more before applying another coat.

So it is necessary to leave something so coated for a long time in a dust-free environment.

Danish oil, by comparison, includes agents that means that a thin coat will dry in 24 hours. Several thin coats build a depth of finish.

Traditional shellac, made from the goop exuded from the lac beetle, is dissolved in ethyl alcohol. This seems not to be available in pure form any more, but mixed with a small amount of shellac it is called Finishing Spirit. Meths can also be used. Easily available in different colours (for example button for a dark finish or blode for a light one), either as raw material you make up yourself or as ready made up.

But the two finishes are not compatible. You cannot put shellac on top of an oil finish, or vice versa. You can put beeswax on top of either though.

And although I've used lots of Danish oil, I have never had an ignition problem, or so much as a puff of smoke from application rags (old cotton tee shirts etc are a good source of this; nothing synthetic or part synthetic for this)

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