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Default Re: Baird T5 restoration project.

Originally Posted by FERNSEH View Post
The vision IF is 13mc/s, much higher than I thought it would have been.
Much more work needs to be done on the vision receiver but the results so far are very encouraging.
Looking at the signal on the video output valve it shows a limited HF response, as seen by the rounded corners on the sync pulses. It could be the capacitance of the scope probe on a high Z part of the circuit, making that look worse than it really is.

Regarding the "worm" do you know what sort of species it is ?

Many Bora beetles are insects, if they are, their chitinous exoskeletons dissolve in hydrocarbon solvents.

So, you can dissolve their bodies (melt them like the wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz) simply by soaking/painting the timber with Terpentine. Also, there is the opportunity to paint and soak the timber panels with insecticide (not the inept green environmentally friendly type that is hopeless and doesn't work, but the real toxic deal).

If there are any residual wood destroying life forms there which could include insects or fungi, you should be able to exterminate them completely. Also , another option is to slowly raise the temperature of the wood to a value that is incompatible with life, around 125-135 deg C over 1/2 hr would do it without too much damage to the timber.
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