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Default Re: Grundig TK27 - Low audio output

Originally Posted by DMcMahon View Post
Originally Posted by Phantomrose1999 View Post
This was the clue that I needed to resand the lower right switch bank
So do you think that him pressing what looks like a pin on the head was enough pressure to make a switch contact make better contact ?


Well, the sending a 50HZ pulse at the head seemed to bring the volume back, and then i started tapping around and found the switch with the metal shield over the switch in the right hand lower corner bank, was in fact not shorting when it should, and after another thorough cleaning of all contacts, it played perfectly last nigh.

This morning, from a cold start, it was very quiet when i tried to play, and after a few minutes, it suddenly started to make a slight hissy sound, and play was back at full volume. So there is a faulty resistor or cap somewhere in there, that needs to warm up. Any suggestions ?

When it plays well, but i have not pressed play, there is a slight random buzzing and hissing coming from the unit, defnitely a component is failing or on the boarder.. but where..
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