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Default Re: Grundig TK27 - Low audio output

Originally Posted by TIMTAPE View Post
Originally Posted by Phantomrose1999 View Post
The unit is temperamental !!! observations:

The volume does drop with a lot of background hiss, and motor boating at times, especially if i press the record. The fix is the pulse the red record button enough times until it goes away...
Dirty, intermittent record/play switches causing problems are very common. Perhaps this has been a / the problem all along?
Hi, I replaced the sliders with a 3D printed version. I sanded every contact in the record play block bottom right, top right looking from the back. Also large amounts of Isopropyl, and made sure the gaps are good in both positions. Finally I stripped and cleaned the head select switch.

There are no contacts left that have not been sanded and cleaned.

I do have a spare TM45 which is in excellent working condition. Will swap the ECC81s when I get a chance. They have caused me similar problems in Grundig radios.

But the lack of a reliable oscillator start is not known.
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