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Default R&TVS spine covers

On my "set" of Radio & TV Servicing, the gold lettering giving the volume and/or year have become so faded that it's become a pain to find the required book. Also, my volumes I to VI (or whatever) are from different issues so you don't always know you've got the right year-range anyway.

I've come up with the attached spine cover, upon which I write the volume number, where appropriate, and the years covered. I could do this in Word like the attachment but writing it is easier.

If anyone wishes to use this, just print out (you may need to scale it for your specific printer - mine's an HP 2600) copies and cut out the area above the actual spine using a slope outwards. Then fold it around the spine of the book and tuck the wings in. This prints on A4 so is quite economical. Anything else would need A3 etc paper.

Hope people find this useful.
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