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Default Re: DX FM reception.

6 is one band I've never had because, historically, my first venture onto any given amateur band was always using something which could be modified to go there - usually ex-PMR in the case of 4m / 2m / 70cms and ex-CB in the case of 10 - there was never much around that would easily go onto 6 FM, and I think the majority of serious '6' operators probably use SSB anyway.

At one time I meant to look out for a second hand Kenwood TS-60 or an FT-690R but it's incredible how well the old radios have held their prices with Yaesu FT290 / 690 / 790 'Handbags' typically still going for hundreds of pounds. I can't justify that for a single band radio.

10/11 was certainly buzzing at teatime, I just hope this wave of good SP-E lasts at least through the weekend, for our broadcast DX listening colleagues as well as we comms folk.
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