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Default Re: Technology related anachronisms on TV and in films etc.

Firstly, as an update, series 3 of WPC56 has been screened in the past week with many new cast and the word 'constable' has appeared; maybe some letters to the Radio Times? however the dreaded 'detective' was still in use for CID members.

Secondly, a 'revolutionary' type of film was on evidence in this last series; raw film stock resistant to fogging!. The 'baddies', concentration camp doctor + evil nurse, had documented their beastliness on 8mm and had stashed it in a locked drawer. The police opened the drawer to reveal a 3" metal spool of 8mm film - one of the pressed metal Kodak type I'm sure many of you will remember. "quick, get it to the lab" the detective entoned. Now if it hadn't already been processed having it uncased on that spool I would suggest would have long since fogged it. Alternatively, given that type of spool was the type Kodak sent processed film back on, I wondered what 'the lab' were going to do with it!

Audio documentation of 'experiments' was on 1/4" Emitape 4 spoke spools with ribbed centres, now here I can't remember; I suspect they're 1960s but I can't think what Emitape spools looked like earlier - any ideas?

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