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Default Re: Need an Isolation Transformer for CTX-S (Philips 14CT2006)

I'm glad you explained that as I recently used this with an rf modulator, had the top 1/4 or so of the screen distorted only with vhs and I couldn't figure out the problem. I'll give that another go.

Wow I didn't expect a reply from the author, I actually tried to search your name to see if I could find you to ask about it. small world I guess.
As you both mentioned, mounting the transformer externally seems like the way to go, I'll look into picking one up or getting one wound.

I'm looking at the manual for the cvc800 and it looks like the tc6 you mentioned goes to pin 11 of the TDA2593, described as "v.c.r switching" and "coincidence detector" although pin 12 is labelled "time constant switching".
The closest thing I can find on the ctx-s is the TDA2577 in the "Synchronisation" part of the schematic with "coincidence detector" on pin 18.
So I'm still a bit stumped by this one. I still have a lot to lean about crts.

Indeed I don't need the audio part so I was assuming I could omit everything below IF disable as I thought that was all for audio. I don't suppose you could modify the schematic to show me what needs to change?

Thanks for the advice guys, your help is greatly appreciated.
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