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Default Re: Drawing Trader Sheets back in the day.

The diamond shape is the quintessential bridge symbol, it just screams "bridge" at you. Drawn with carefully rectilinear lines and all diodes in the same orientation, it takes a moment to look as them, see how they are connected and think Bridge!

Once I spot a bridge (quickest with the diamond, of course) I then have to look at which way the diodes go. Do they point round in a circle, cathode to next anode? If so it's a diode ring mixer. Or do they form two strings pointing to a common cathode node... if so it's either a bridge rectifier or a sampling bridge.

You get a database of circuit subsections you've come across, or better yet used yourself, built up in your head. You then spot these and the whole circuit fills in the gaps and comes alive for you.

The human brain/eye is a pattern recognition engine par excelence. Build it a database, and let it fly!

That's why I like ziggy resistors, diamond bridges, diff pairs etc

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