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Default Period TVs in the film 'Rush'

Hi there
Just seen the motor racing film 'Rush' about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt - a good film even for someone like myself who knows nothing about, or has no interest in, the sport.
Of course any good train spotter looks at the props used - the film was set in the period 1970 - 1976.
A couple of the ubiquitous Sony KV1300s working well
A Thorn 1500 24" sitting in the corner, mute
A Bush TV193S, though alarmingly displaying a colour picture!
A slightly mysterious set, possibly a Teleton or Telrpo with four horizontal varicap buttons along the bottom
A Pye 697 series with, unusually, slider controls.
An unknown (to me) Grundig and similarly a Siemens both working in the German sequences, both appeared approximately of the period, though maybe the latter was a little too modern.
An unknown American large-screen TV - again, appeared period.
A Thorn 1691 mono portable - displaying a colour picture - in around 1972.
A grubby white Eighties Ferguson TX90 working well - and in the Japanese sequence!
A nice dial Trimphone, but with a 746 bell.
I'm sure there are racing car enthusiasts who will be busy spotting errors there as well, but the period was, to my eyes, well recreated. Be nice if someone did ask our advice about the electronics, though!
Some nice non-racing cars, such as a pair of Citroen DSs, a Lancia Fulvia and Hunt's Cooper-S, plus some early Datsuns.
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