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Default Re: Gramophone on ITV's "Endeavour"

Originally Posted by Tom_I View Post
I've just watched the latest episode of "Endeavour", which was broadcast on Sunday evening. Did anyone spot the deliberate mistake?

A bit over half an hour in, a character is found having committed suicide while listening to what looks to me to be a Columbia "Viva-Tonal" Grafonola. Morse examines it, noting that the deceased was listening to Mahler, but apparently not noticing that the disc is being played from the wrong side, and the soundbox is mounted at an odd angle.

It's probably my age, but I'm always surprised that errors like this are not noticed during production.
This error is very common and shows up in dramas, comedies and even adverts. I can only think the 'young & trendy' production staff have never seen any kind of record player.
Andy G1HBE.
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