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Default Re: Hidden Vintage Electronics Shop: Chester Electronics, Kenosha Wisconsin

Originally Posted by Ed_Dinning View Post
Hi Argus, any good shops in Oz, especially Melbourne ?

I cannot think of one off hand.

There was a great Electronics shop up at the top of Queen St in Auckland city NZ, up until a year or two ago sadly. About 10 years back they were selling new old stock AVO meters and had plenty of valves and transistors.

I think in the UK you are lucky to have Langrex, I have never been there but ordered parts, like OC16's. A fellow who went there told me it was like an Aladdin's Cave.

Also, many years ago in Auckland there was an electronics store called The Electrical Equipment Company. But nobody ever called it that. Every person interested in electronics in Auckland that I met all called it by the same name:

"Alice's Restaurant"...

Because you could get anything you wanted there. The man who ran it always wore a casual style bowler hat. If you asked him for any obscure part, say some oddball Thyratron with a CV number, he would produce it in less than a minute. I never managed to stump him on a part.

It does make you miss places like this.

Also I used to wander in to John Stokes radio shop in Auckland and ask him about some valve or circuit. He always wore a grey overcoat. He never had to look anything up, he'd come up with also sorts of detail about it, who made it and when, how to get the best out of it and what its specs were.
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