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dave walsh 16th May 2021 5:52 pm

Delia Derbyshire
I thought I'd flagged up a Drama about Delia Derbyshire at 9pm tonight [BBC4] along with other associated programs but I can't see it now???

Dave W

ms660 16th May 2021 5:56 pm

Re: Delia Derbyshire
Tape recorder section.


Radio Wrangler 16th May 2021 7:25 pm

Re: Delia Derbyshire
If you click on your own name, then click 'statistics' you'll see a 'Find all posts by dave walsh' button. They are handily ordered from your latest, going back in time.

Works if you click on someone else's name and you can go back through their history to find a post you're looking for which they wrote.


dave walsh 16th May 2021 10:18 pm

Re: Delia Derbyshire
Thanks chaps for your help. It is indeed in the Tape Recorder section Lawrence:clap:. but I had no reason to look there and could not find it when I searched under my own statistics David! I was a bit miffed as I'd handily linked in all the three themes re women and electronic music that I'd noticed over the last couple of months or so in the media but then I was thinking that l'd inadvertently breached some obscure rule :shrug:! I definitely did open a new "heads up" thread in General Discussions today.

I have always stuck to that route in the past, realising that anything else can lead to multiple threads :-/. I don't know how it got into tape recorders but I do keep having problems with the endless Windows 10 "updates." Perhaps the helpful Mods can put everything into General Discussions-there are already two earlier Delia Derbyshire threads from April and a recent one one from Peter [Reel Guy] my fellow Bexhill Forum member I'd always assumed that the specific threads were devoted to just technical issues and GD for everything else! I've only seen the last 30 mins of the Delia Drama so far, due to re-scheduling the excellent "Pursuit of Love series on BBC1" to view with my daughter but "The Myths and Legendary Tapes" production seemed to be very good [and new]-along with all the excellent repeated material offered as well.


Dave W

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