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Martin Bush 22nd Jul 2020 2:54 pm

CD labelling help
I am not sure if this is in the right area - please move or delete if not.

I wondered if anyone on here has the ability to label CDs. I don't have a printer and want to make up one or possibly two CDs of home recordings for my dad. Rather than scribble on the disc itself I'd like to do a nice job and wondered if anyone on here could help?

I'd post off the CDs and cover costs of course.

Paul Stenning 22nd Jul 2020 4:59 pm

Re: CD labeling help
If they are smooth I can print them with my TDK thermal printer. It is limited to one or two small areas, not the whole surface. I cannot print on inkjet printable disks.

See which is one area. Second or alternative area would be the same place at the top. Black text only, and four lines like that per area is all you can fit in. In theory basic graphics can be included but they don't look good, so stick with text.

The instructions say the disks should be blank when printed. This is probably in case the heat from the printing affects the recording. I always print blank then write and verify afterwards. I have never had any problems with the printing affecting the disks but there is no guarantees.

The printer ribbons are quite expensive (about 12, which does 40 areas) so you are looking at 30p per print area, plus return postage.

If interested please PM me.

Amraduk 22nd Jul 2020 5:03 pm

Re: CD labeling help
Hello Martin,

Do you want the label to printed on a label that's stuck on to the CD, or printed directly on to the CD?

Either way, I could do that for you if you like.

What about artwork for the jewel case?



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