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GJR 11L 18th Jan 2005 11:16 pm

Bigger house, bigger radios...
Evening All,
I just found a new home, after seeking something a little more rural for some time. The new place has the space for something I have wanted for some years but have not, until now, been able to accommodate; a console radio of some sort.
Any suggestions about sets of the floorstanding variety? The balance of my collection is tipping away from '60s trannies towards wooden German valve sets with lots of buttons and a blue spot on the badge. Did the Blaupunkt name appear on any stylish floorstanding sets or would I enjoy equally a set from Bush, EKco, Pye etc?
'Er indoors reckons that curtains and a new washing machine are more important! Aye right. ;-)

jim_beacon 19th Jan 2005 9:26 am

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
I'd go for a Murphy! Depending on your listening preferences, a later baffle board set with VHF, or on of the earlier baffle boards, which are AM only. If you want something imposing, go for a pre-war set, with those huge mains energised speakers, though I suggest you by a sack truck first - the speaker on its own weighs around 15lbs!

Whichever you choose, they all sound good, and being console sets, you can usually pick them up at a suitably low price.


wireless_paul 19th Jan 2005 9:48 am

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
I would certainly go with Jim about consoles being cheap. I have a small shop (which I now rent out) and when I was out one day someone walked in and left a Seymour console with my wife, saying they knew I was interested in radios. I never knew who left it?

Paul_RK 19th Jan 2005 10:34 am

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
I'd be with Jim in advising a Murphy. The ordinary pre-war models can be a bit "mellow", though, and I always like console sets to justify themselves by differing from table models in more respects than just having a better loudspeaker: a floor-standing short superhet does seem a wasted opportunity. There is of course the A40C if you can find one - twelve valves plus tuning indicator and two rectifiers, dual conversion on short waves and a nice solid twelve watts or so. Or, again if one turns up, a pre-war RGD. The AM-only "batswing" Murphy sets - A146C, A188C - seem fairly easy to find still and offer exceptional sound quality (6P25s in push-pull).

German console radios do seem rare to non-existent, unless you're willing to put up with them having a record deck too. I did see a nice Blaupunkt radiogram a few years ago, upright in presentation and not much bigger than an average floor-standing radio.


Ed_Dinning 19th Jan 2005 12:26 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
Hi John, how about going completely mad with a Decca Decola, or even better a 1938 TV. I believe they may both be available in the NE.


Nickthedentist 19th Jan 2005 6:20 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
I agree with Ed. If I had the space, I'd go for an elegant pre-war radiogram of some description. No VHF of course, but you could use a modulator or feed a signal from a modern tuner into the amp somehow.

I'm constantly amazed by how many of these have survived and turn up on eBay, rarely fetching more than 30, if anyone bids at all.


Lowemission 19th Jan 2005 7:54 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
Hi John

How about an American console, if you can find a cabinet for one i've got a 1930s Midwest 18 valve 6 band chassis.

Many of the consoles you see use the same chassis as the table models but with a bigger speaker fitted, it pays to do your homework ;)

My home is so small i can't even swing a cat in it, that's why i have parrot!


Ps thanks for your offer of help regarding the RV14

GJR 11L 19th Jan 2005 11:18 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
Well thanks for the advice all. I just parted with my 2 smaller Murphy sets (the A186s) and the guy who took them on has a Murphy console set. I had a listen to that the other day and was impressed by the sound quality. The idea of something American, now that appeals. Methinks a look through the dozens of U.S. old radio sites may provide inspiration.
I must buy a working, presentable piece though, as I have sort of promised to clear the 'in-tray' before restoring anything else but I could get away with another purchase if it was in pristine, well cared-for condition.
I should just go & buy something from Past Times, moving house is stressful enough!

Must away, research to be done.

Rejectostat 20th Jan 2005 12:27 am

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...

Or you could bid on this. Large Dynatron console, seems to be excellent original order, push-pull PX4's, and very rare. I notice this one is serial number 20. Rather more expensive than a Murphy though, and could really reach quite a price. You'd be in the top league quality-wise though.

Paul_RK 20th Jan 2005 4:12 am

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
Hmm... 115 in 1946, that Dynatron Merlin, according to Dixon-Nuttalll & Bussey's "Hacker Radio". If it were nearer and remotely affordable I'd be bidding, as it is I'll probably settle for fervently wishing it fetches enough to deter even the worst of triode freaks from depriving it of its amplifier...


GJR 11L 21st Jan 2005 12:38 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...
Mmmmm..... I can just imagine that shaking my floorboards with a bit of swing, jazz or big band stuff. Now if one of these could be found locally, I would go for it. I'm not really up to driving that far to collect a radio no matter how pleasant a thing it is, but I'm surprised that I hadn't considered Dynatron. I would even consider a fairly narrow radiogram, they seem to be more or less worthless unless they're a luxury brand. So it's off to Oxfam with a fiver in the pocket then!

jim_beacon 21st Jan 2005 5:44 pm

Re: Bigger house, bigger radios...

I do have a pre-war Philips mono-knob radiogram, which I don't quite know what to do with.........

It is in reasonable condition, but needs restoration - let me know what you think.


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