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Restoration73 9th Apr 2021 9:27 am

Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
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Most of us will be aware of (or even own) books such as "Building a Transistor
Radio" (Ladybird) but there was another series of inexpensive small
paperbacks called "Project Book" published by Peter Haddock Ltd, Bridlington
In 1973 these titles cost 8p - only the covers in colour - and printed on the
back it says "exclusive to Woolworth and Woolco" The titles shown here
written by R H Warring were in a set of 200 titles. The contents of each do
overlap but there is also useful additional info ; reading list and careers.

Ted Kendall 9th Apr 2021 9:51 am

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
If memory serves, this was originally a Milk Marketing Board enterprise - The Project Club. I had several of the books at the time. Ron Warring wrote for Meccano Magazine and some MAP titles, I think.

tony brady 9th Apr 2021 9:55 am

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
I've got some of these as well. my dad was a milkman at the time so maybe we got them from the dairy. can't remember as so long ago

Vicboduk 9th Apr 2021 11:58 am

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
I have a few of these too. I remember going to Woolworths in Wimbledon to get them. There use to be stacks of them in large, square wire baskets that you would have to sort through.
I also had (have?) the hardback index folder, which had the picture of each front cover and a synopsis of each project.


Restoration73 11th Apr 2021 9:07 am

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
Thanks all for the info. I was not aware of the link to the Milk Marketing Board, my mum
worked at the nearby Thames Ditton HQ from 1973-74 ! Also in this series was Book 057
"Build Your own Computer" which even predates electronic calculator kits.
I also have Book 051 "Signalling;Messages without Words" includes Morse,Semaphore etc.

tony brady 11th Apr 2021 9:57 am

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
I did actually start to build my own computer but that didn't go much past making the box and a couple of flip flops stage.

I've just found book 116, 'simple experiments with microscopes' and book 165 'experiments with mechanical power. both published by Wolfe Publishing ltd for the Dairy Industry. copyright milk marketing board of england and wales 1970 so this series must have run for a few years

TonyDuell 11th Apr 2021 2:34 pm

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
On my over-stocked bookshelves I found :

003 The Machine Age Farm (I seem to remember a class project at primary school on farming, which is probably why I have this one)

110 Mathematics in Time and Space

114 How to be a Weather Man

118 About Telescopes

139 Fun with Table Top Photography

148 Build your own Transistor Radio

156 A Laboratory in the Home

158 Experiments with Light

160 Experiments with Magnetism

167 Be an Inventor

196 Making Working Models

Another series aimed at getting children to make things was the 'Foldaplan' books. Most were abou doll's house furniture and thus off-topic (and I don't have them anyway) But the last two were by (I assume the same) R.H.Warring:

Make your own Morse Buzzer (covers both the electromechanical buzzer and a transistor oscillator)

Make your own Crystal Set (Also includes adding one audio amplifier stage).

Vicboduk 11th Apr 2021 2:37 pm

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
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I have found the hardback, "The Project Club Project Manual", pictures of pages from books 147/148 shown. My parents seeing that I was so taken with these two books bought me R.H Warring's book, Making Transistor Radios, for Christmas in 1971. These books together with my Philips X40 Electronics Kit led me on to have a career in electronics...


jamesperrett 11th Apr 2021 11:48 pm

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)
Making Transistor Radios was my introduction as a 9 year old to electronic construction back in 1971. This book was chosen for me by some classmates from the mobile school library as they knew I liked playing with radios, bulbs and batteries but up until then I never realised that you could actually make your own electronic devices.

I pestered my parents for some components and in the end my uncle gave me a whole box full of components and useful stuff which allowed me to build some of the circuits from that book. I still have some of bits from that box 50 years later.

Chris55000 12th Apr 2021 8:00 pm

Re: Radio Project books 147/148 (Peter Haddock)

Just bought my copy!

Chris Williams

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