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bionicmerlin 30th May 2021 11:05 pm

Gents Flame Proof Clock
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I got hold of this clock about 6 months ago from a flea market.
I wonder if anyone has any tips for restoring.
Obviously itís going to be a major job But even in this condition The clock mechanism pulses On a battery. So thatís a good start.
I got 3 main questions .
1 does any one know what colour grey it should be as Iím having trouble finding a good match. (Itís grey under the white gloss paint)
2 next problem is the Gents Flame proof logo is peeling off the plate . Not sure how to stabilise that. I could varnish over but I think it would peal off again long term
3 does anyone know what tool fits the triangle shape bolts. There is very little clearance round the outside.
Itís not going to be a quick project so Iím in no hurry.
Just looking for any ideas Andy

Electronpusher0 31st May 2021 5:10 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
I am sure others will give excellent advice on stabilising the label but personally when faced with a similar dilemma I photgraphed or scanned the label and put it aside to preserve it and then used photshop to clean up the image, fill in the missing bits and cracks and created a new label.

The triangular bolts look exactly like the ones used on gas meter boxes, try a key for one of those.


Bobdger 31st May 2021 5:33 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Hi as peter has said the triangle bolts were standard fit to a lot of FLP equipment. You may need to remove some of the outer metal from the key to fit within the bolt sorounds. Bob.

Sideband 31st May 2021 8:21 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Surely the grey under the white gloss is just a primer? A similar grey primer will probably be OK. It would be more difficult matching the gloss since that is bound to have faded.

factory 31st May 2021 9:02 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Have a closer look at the label on the back, the white gloss has run over it, guessing it got repainted in situ at some point in the past.


Radio Wrangler 31st May 2021 9:09 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
The grey in the picture looks close to the 'Myford grey' of machine tools which might give you a lead on some.


Refugee 31st May 2021 11:23 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Just buy a cheap socket set at the flea market and grind the outside of the socket that fits.
We had a gas meter with a missing key and a six sided socket worked just fine.

cmjones01 31st May 2021 11:56 am

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Regarding the flaking label, I was faced with a similar situation on the scale of a meter a while back. I removed the scale, taking care not to disturb the remaining fragments, then scanned it on a flatbed scanner. I used Paint Shop Pro to touch up and threshold the image, leaving a good clear black-and-white version. I then printed it using a laser printer on to self-adhesive weatherproof white film (Herma type 9500) and cut it out to fit. I washed off the original flaky paint from the metal scale (just water was enough!) and applied the label. It's indistinguishable from the original and still looks good today.

I did a similar job on my R1155 dial to restore the colours, though in that case I kept the original dial separately and applied the label to new piece of metal.


bionicmerlin 31st May 2021 12:08 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Thanks for the ideas so far. A gas meter key is slightly to small and yes I could grind down a cheep socket . The only thing Iím thinking is the bolts are probably rusty so will probably want a bit of force and heat and a bit of plus gas. If I modify something it might snap.
Thatís a good idea with the gray paint but I got a feeling itís a shade to dark ,I will investigate.
Itís a standard Gent Grey colour so ideally I would like to have as near match as possible Andy

TonyDuell 31st May 2021 12:22 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Try a google search for 'triangular socket set' (no quotes), it turned up a few possible tools, like the Laser 5683. No idea if that includes the right size but it might do.

I'd give those bolts a good shot of penetrating oil, and then try 'rocking' them (alternately loosening and tightening) untill they come free. I find the slidling T bar handle used with both hands is the best way to turn such bolts. You can apply a pure torque with no sideways bending motion which seems to help a lot. Once you have them out you can clean up the threads with the appropriate tap and die I guess

merlinmaxwell 31st May 2021 1:02 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock

The clock mechanism pulses On a battery. So that’s a good start.
So why dismantle it, just jazz up the case. I think these where made for 300mA current drive, a small dial will drop about 0.8V at that current. For my series loop of clocks I just found the current that made them all work and added 20%, keeps them quiet but reliable for a domestic setting.

pmmunro 31st May 2021 3:56 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Triangle headed locks are widely used in street lighting and street furniture. This company supplies a wide range of keys. their chart might help you find the right size.

Each batch of street lighting columns comes with a key or a number of keys so local authority lighting departments tend to have a ready supply and don't buy keys separately very often.

CEF sell one size of key and the branches near to you seem to keep some in stock. If you took the clock there, you would be able to check the size.


PJL 31st May 2021 8:12 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock
Some may be wondering why anyone would want to read the time in a burning building but I guess the flame proof clock was used in environments where there is a risk of explosions and is better known today as 'intrinsically safe'.

pmmunro 31st May 2021 8:26 pm

Re: Gents Flame Proof Clock

Sorry to disagree.

Flameproof (Ex d) equipment will not allow flame or hot gas to pass from its interior to the potentially hazardous external atmosphere in which it is used. It is one of several techniques used to prevent igntion of hazardous atmospheres.

Intrinsic safety (Ex i) is a technique which depends on the equipment being designed and constructed to be incapable of supplying sufficient energy to cause a fire or explosion under the assessed conditions and in relation to the likely hazardous flammable material.


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