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avro 20th Dec 2004 9:12 pm

I am moving soon and need to cut down on a number of sets that I have sitting around. I have decided to cannabilise them but what should I keep? ???

Valves and knobs are come to mind first but is it worth keeping other elements too? Most of the sets I am thinking of disposing of are some Grundigs and a Saba from the 60s as I bought them for spares or at the start of my collection bug. ;) No intention on restoring any of them.

Advice would be appreciated

dave_n_t 20th Dec 2004 9:21 pm

Re: Cannabilisation

Being somewhat tight-fisted :D I've taken to keeping a lot from any broken-down set:

wound components (RF, IF coils, output tx, mains tx)
valves (+sockets if bolted on)
tuning + trimmer caps;
smoothing cap
hardware (including tuning scales, cord, springs, knobs, etc.)
sockets/plugs (wander, etc.)

The downside of this rather Scoogelike behaviour is that I have a growing space problem!

But I must admit that, unless the cabinet is dripping woodworm, or there's some other overriding defect, I tend to keep the set for 'when I get round to it'.

Perhaps I should have more quickly said: throw out cabinet, chassis, standard Rs and C's!!


paulsherwin 20th Dec 2004 9:32 pm

Re: Cannabilisation
I think it's quite difficult to strip a set for spares since you don't know what you'll need in future. This means you need to keep practically everything, in which case it's simpler to keep the whole radio (in the loft say) or at least the chassis.

Avro, I'd encourage you to dispose of these sets to potential restorers or other Grundig / Saba fans. You could ask for a fiver each, buyer collects, or if they're really rough ask for a couple of quid in the charity box.

If you're determined to strip them, then I'd say save valves and knobs but also pots and maybe variable caps if you don't have many of that type, and transformers / droppers and chokes. (See, you might as well keep the radios :D)

Best regards, Paul

SPCh 20th Dec 2004 9:54 pm

Re: Cannabilisation
I agree with Paul.

It's easy to dump, but impossible to undump; and you'll always kick yourself later !

If you must dump, keep transformers first; knobs & dials second; valves third; and then anything unique to the model. Better still, get a bigger house/loft/cellar/shed.

Good luck

mjizycky 22nd Dec 2004 3:04 pm

Re: Cannabilisation
What are the sets you're thinking of taking an axe to (metaphorically speaking)?? I might be interested in the Saba...!

avro 22nd Dec 2004 5:30 pm

Re: Cannabilisation
I have a Grundig from the early 60's that goes up to 104MHZ, a Grundig 5079, and a Saba Stereo 1. I will probably divest the Grundigs of their valves and may hang on to a chassis (similiar to my 5088) for spares. The Stereo I will lose its valves and knobs as the Freudenstadt is similar. :)

high_vacuum_house 22nd Dec 2004 6:03 pm

Re: Cannabilisation
Hello there,
I have canniblised a few sets in my time and I keep everything except the resistors and grotty capacitors.

Earlier this year I had the chassis of a stereo radiogram that had 2 EL84's and 2 o/p transformers and a good mains transformer.
I saved a 19" rack mounting power supply from the bin at work and with a few new panels and a few bits from RS i have now got an excellent home made stereo HI-FI amplifier for around 8 :)

Christopher Capener

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