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Peter 27th Dec 2004 5:36 pm

HMV 1115 for Xmas

Yes Me too.. I got this for xmas. Only this one works really well... BUT:-

Its dated 1947 and still working with no mods to it at all, none.. Its pristeen.

It is in need of TLC. I've stripped it down, Thats why I know I'm the first to do it, the wax seals are in place (Red). How come the caps are all OK after all this time and they are ok, in fact everythig is to speck.

The face is GREEN, is this right! or did it come in other colours.

So happy Pete.

hotbulb 27th Dec 2004 5:46 pm

Re: HMV 1115 for Xmas
Hi Pete

The green front seems to be the most common colour, I have seen a few cream ones and one or two in black, which to my eyes looks disgusting.
They do seem to be reliable sets, I have one in the shed which I bought for spares and had no intention of restoring, but when I tried it out it creaked into life quite nicely.
Now of course I can't bear to strip it down so I supose it'll have to be restored.



Peter 28th Dec 2004 12:28 am

Re: HMV 1115 for Xmas

Thanks for comming back Pillip. Yes they do seem to be a good set to work on. Mine stripped down ok and no traps. I've to do a stripdown on the cabinet varnish. So I've scand the logo just in case. The back card will need a iron to leval out. I got a good match sprey paint for the front. (Green) The glass cleand up with no loss of print. With a good dusting and it can go back together. Oh the glass backing felt, I've used a carpet out a dolls house and with the use of a black felt tip pen, spot on....

Very nice set.


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