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dave walsh 14th Sep 2021 1:09 pm

Tesla Outline
I heard an episode of "Crowd Science" on the World Service [Friday 10/9/21].
It seems to be an ask any question program and this one was "Is it possible to transfer electricity wirelessly?". It was answered with examples like the electric tooth brush but inevitably, moved on to Tesla and his experiments, explained [very well I thought] for the uninitiated, or even those who are8-\
It has the rather eager tone of BBC TV's "CLICK" but both usually both have some interesting content.

Available on The I-Player/Zounds

Dave W

kalee20 14th Sep 2021 1:55 pm

Re: Tesla Outline
Well, electrical energy wirelessly - yes! (It's what happens in a transformer after all - the electric toothbrush induction coil charger is fairly obvious).

Can you transfer an electric current wirelessly - yes! Between cathode and anode in a valve. It's not so practical as a replacement for wires, but that doesn't negate that it is possible.

Restoration73 14th Sep 2021 2:26 pm

Re: Tesla Outline
Much higher power than toothbrush level has already been achieved ;

kalee20 14th Sep 2021 3:08 pm

Re: Tesla Outline
Yes - in fact I remember an article in Everyday Electronics discussing solar arrays in space with power returned via microwave beam. However the abstract in your link mentions 1% efficiency DC-DC, so while possible (thus answering Dave Walsh's question!) it is a long way off practical yet...

dave walsh 14th Sep 2021 6:34 pm

Re: Tesla Outline
Well it wasn't my question of course Kalee and there's probably more going on in this field than we hear about.:D. I think the tooth brush was just a "soft start" re the principles for a general audience and very clearly described. I might have given up there but the Tesla section was good and also well set out. The introduction pointed out that it really wasn't about the company that makes electric cars [although that technology, in itself, seemed to be going nowhere until just a few years ago8-\]. I thought that the use of high frequencies in power transmission was made very understandable for someone without a technical background. There are many different opinions about Tesla but his technology was both vintage and contemporary at the same time as far as I can see. It may well be not be hugely that efficient at present but it can depend where you look:shrug:. I wonder what others might think?

Dave W
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