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Default Re: What is your earliest memory of radio, TV's etc?

My earliest memory of radios and tv's was as a boy living in Cornwall. Our only radio was a small Ferranti handbag style transistor portable with a large round dial on it. I think it used the popular Ecko chassis, it was MW only as LW had stopped working so it could only pick up Radio 4 west region and sometimes Radio Luxembourg at night.
We had a brand new 19" Pye dual standard black and white rental tv working on 405 only as we did not have a UHF tv aerial. It gave good 405 pictures on BBC1 and Westward TV apart from BBC1 suffering the dreaded co channel interference during Sporadic E openings. This was the model before the 267 chassis and used that 6 push button intergrated tuner which was famed for fireing out the buttons across the room at high velocity. This happened twice the first time the button zapped around the room and ended up in the open coal fire, the second time it hit our large German Shepherd dog who was not amused.
At our primary school we had a Clark and Smith radio for the BBC radio school programmes on Radio 4. This radio sounded good on both MW and VHF through the large extension speakers.
The school television was donated by someone from the village. It was a 17" HMV 1910 405 only TV with the piano key tuner and gave good results from the large rooftop aerial.
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